Make Your Own Phone Case For Your Business!

With mobile phones being popular with the general public for around twenty years, NASA is still yet to invent anti-gravity ability. So we are very much reliant upon add ons that protect a phone after the fact. Rather than automatic turbo engines reversing the effect gravity has on falling objects.

engine-103079_640There have been a variety of other imaginative yet to be seen technologies that have been promoted via the television screens. Robin Williams in the film Flubber, invented a spray on skin. Which when applied repelled against other surfaces. Spray on bounce is unfortunately not what we sell – we wish!

Instead we offer you a variety of custom cases for your mobile phone that have been specifically designed for each model of handset. Ensuring all the media ports, cut outs for speakers and of course full access to the screen is assured. They all protect from light impact damage such as dropping, scrapes and bumps.

We are much more than simply a facilitator in enabling you to make a phone case. You receive free reign on the entire design process. Create your own images in photoshop, from artwork to image layers or collages and then upload them to our intelligent interface. If you have your own business and want to give your customers or employees a treat, while getting your brand name out there, you can get a discount on orders over 100. A canvas where you can choose from many templates or none at all. Use a landscape as a background image or a single colour. Then slot in your photos in a variety rectangles, squares and circles to feature the images in the order you wish.

family photo
As Frank Sinatra once repeated quite often “I did it my way” and now you can too when you make your own phone case at Adding your own text, writing the text your own way, choosing different fonts and colours for maximum appeal. Whether the phone case is for yourself or making a phone case as a personalised gift.

That’s not all. Should you be wondering how long this all takes; if today is Tuesday and you have a birthday party on Thursday, the mobile phone case you make now, will most likely be delivered the day before. Allowing you time to make a your very own case so you don’t feel left out!

dog-190056_640You can make your own case online using our easy design interface right now and be finished within five minutes. To get started just assemble your photos in one folder to make uploading really swift, then assemble your photos in one of up to twenty templates and make a phone case your way.